If you’re in the technology industry the question is not “do we want to monetize and protect our IP” – the real question is "how will we do it?"

Software Monetization – the technology that allows you to protect and monetize your IP so that you can enter new markets, increase revenue and drive value for your customers - is critical to aligning your business strategy with operations.

Watch this webinar to hear Richard Jenny, Director of Program Management and DevOps with ADVA Optical Networking discuss why they decided to leverage a Software Monetization platform instead of building their own software licensing, entitlement management and software update solution.

The webinar will cover ADVA Optical Networking’s "build or buy" decision including:

  • Staying Focused on Core Competencies
  • Business Challenges
  • Project Sponsorship
  • Peers in the Space
  • Measuring Success
  • Why they chose Flexera Software

See Why ADVA Optical Networking Chose Flexera Software

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