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FlexNet Embedded empowers intelligent device manufacturers to unlock new revenue streams by utilizing software licensing, pricing, and packaging to monetize intelligent devices and equipment using embedded software, as well as offer virtual appliances. Embedded software licensing also helps manufacturers streamline supply chains by reducing the number of unique physical devices while increasing the usable life.

The challenge for intelligent device manufacturers becomes finding ways to monetize devices by using embedded software, as well as have the ability to easily configure capability and/or capacity on devices and virtual appliances so that it appeals to new markets – and to do it without increasing manufacturing costs.

FlexNet Embedded has a very small footprint (as low as 50K) and highly modular design. The FlexNet Embedded software licensing solution can be easily configured to match exact specifications for any device, including those that run Windows CE, MontaVista Linux, Wind River Linux, VxWorks, or other embedded operating systems.

Video: Extending the Product Life Cycle with Embedded Licensing

Learn how CPU Tech addresses the unique security needs of their company's defense contractor customers, and how embedded software licensing and entitlement managmeent enables those users to access secure devices with confidence and in full compliance of security regulations.

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