The recent Equifax breach repeats a pattern seen in other high profile cases such as Heartbleed and WannaCry - cyberattacks targeting a vulnerability in unpatched software, long after the producer published a fix. The latest breach exploited a vulnerability in an open source component called Apache Struts 2. Of course, vulnerabilities also occur in proprietary, commercial software too.

Cyber-criminals target these known vulnerabilities in both commercial and open source software. They know most organizations are either unaware of what’s in their software or take too long to patch their systems. This happens because there are gaps that lead to ignorance of known vulnerabilities and/or a lack of efficient processes to apply critical patches quickly.

Watch this webinar on understanding these gaps, closing the risk window and reducing your risk of a breach. Find out how vulnerable code can be easy to discover and patch.

Don’t Let Hackers Breach Your Data: Shutting Your Risk Windows

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