SaaS is booming

On-premise software has been considered the standard for years, but software as a service (SaaS) is rapidly gaining popularity and is on track to reach 45% of total software spending by 2021.

Business units can quickly subscribe to SaaS apps as they need without IT bottlenecks. But easy access to SaaS apps has a dark side—one that’s become a growing problem: Shadow IT. Engineers, developers and even business stakeholders are launching SaaS apps that IT is not aware of.

And what IT doesn’t know will come back to haunt organizations—preventing the IT department from performing critical functions such as controlling security, compliance and costs. Read this white paper to learn:

  • What’s behind the growing appeal of SaaS applications
  • How and why Shadow IT introduces security concerns
  • Why spreadsheets just don’t cut it
  • 4 steps for getting Shadow IT under control

Mitigating the Risk of Shadow IT

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