SAP licensing is notoriously complex. This complexity has left many organizations in the grip of the SAP overpayment syndrome. Although SAP provides tools that enable IT to determine license consumption, they don’t collect and report sufficient information to guide the enterprise in optimizing SAP license spend.

Today’s generation of advanced Software License Optimization solutions pick up where SAP tools leave off. Read the “Curing the SAP Overpayment Syndrome” white paper to learn how to:

  • Gather robust usage data and transform it into actionable information that enables enterprises to meet the SAP license management challenge
  • Eliminate unbudgeted true-up costs
  • Take maximum advantage of SAP’s more flexible license policies, by understanding which packages are under-used and trading them for new SAP offerings
  • Mitigate the risk of noncompliance in the face of SAP’s increasing scrutiny of indirect access license consumption
  • Cure the SAP overspending syndrome

The potential cost savings that can be achieved through SAP license optimization is huge. Learn how it can be done by reading this white paper.

Curing the SAP Overpayment Syndrome

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