Imagine running a delivery business without clear visibility into your vehicle fleet. How many vehicles do you have? Where are they located? What are their configurations, capacities and maintenance requirements? What is the status of their vehicle registrations? Without detailed data, you cannot manage them efficiently.

Running an enterprise IT department is no different. You need to deliver services to your customers – your employees. Reliable IT service delivery is critical to success yet many IT organizations struggle to manage IT assets effectively because they do not have a clear picture of their hardware and software. This leads to higher costs due to inaccurate asset data, multiple software products providing the same functionality and inaccurate licensing. Even worse, IT may not be able to detect unauthorized software, creating exposure to serious data breaches.

Join this webinar with Flexera and Siwel to learn more about:

  • Providing a comprehensive, detailed and normalized view of hardware and software assets across the enterprise—a single source of truth for inventory data
  • Enhancing business processes across IT and also other departments including finance, operations, and security
  • Driving down costs, increasing IT staff productivity and reducing security and audit risk

Why Siwel?

With over 18 years of experience providing SAM process best-practices, tools optimization, contract analysis, software licensing and lifecycle management, Siwel is the partner of choice for many Global 500 organizations in solving their SAM challenges. Siwel partners with Flexera for comprehensive solutions to manage and optimize your software licensing challenges. After an engagement with Siwel, your team will be set to manage IT your environment in order to save you time, money, and future worries.


Frank Venezia

Frank Venezia is a member of the executive management team and a key subject matter expert for the IT Asset Management practice at Siwel Consulting, Inc. He provides enterprise and middle market clients with an intimate knowledge of software and hardware contracts, developed during more than 15 years as a software group manager and a client executive with IBM, and more than 6 years at Siwel.

Jim Griffin

Jim has more than 20 years experience in Information systems, spanning a wide range of industries. He specialized in ITAM, SAM , SLO and ITSM for cost take out projects, process automation and system integration.

Help! What Do I Own? Gaining Visibility and Control of Your IT Assets

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