Learn How You Can Reduce Your Software Compliance Audit Risk and Optimize Your Software Spend


Application usage has turned strategic. Applications no longer just help the business, they run the business. Yet most companies lack a strategic solution for Software License Optimization. Watch the Software License Optimization 4-Part Webinar Series to learn how you can reduce your software compliance audit risk and optimize software spend. The series includes:

Part 1: How to Get Started on a Software Asset Management Program
Learn how to get started on a software asset management (SAM) program. For organizations that have already begun the process of implementing a SAM program, learn how you can assess your current state and set goals to reach the next level.

Part 2: Discovery Inventory and Application Recognition
This Webinar focuses on hardware and software discovery, inventory and application recognition. Learn how next generation software asset management solutions leverage existing inventory tools and add value through discovery and inventory of critical software assets in complex environments.

Part 3: Software License and Contract Management
Learn how your organization can proactively manage software contracts and maintain continuous license compliance. Now that you know what's installed in your IT environment the next step is reconciliation against your license entitlements.

Part 4: Strategies for Optimized License Management
Learn how your organization can maximize savings and achieve a faster return on investment (ROI) on your software asset management (SAM) program.

Software License Optimization 4-part Webinar Series

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