Join Flexera and SoftwareONE for a three-part webinar series on Software Lifecycle Management. Our journey up the mountain will cover a variety of topics including core data management, reaching SAM compliance, and achieving SAM maturity.

Emphasizing business value and use-case examples, this webinar series is perfect for climbers that are responsible for IT budgets, mitigating risk, improving financial performance, reducing cost, maintaining datacenter and cloud assets, as well as vendor procurement.

Download the three-part webinar series to get :

  • Part 1: Reaching Base Camp—Core Data Management, Obtaining Trustworthy Data
  • Part 2: Navigating the Crevasses— Asset Lifecycle Management, Strategies to Gain Control
  • Part 3: Reaching the Summit—Optimization & Spend Management, Saving Hard Dollars and Achieving ROI

Conquering the Mountain

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