Over the past few months, SAP has announced a number of changes to its software licensing policies that give its customers more flexibility. These include the ability to terminate unused licenses and re-calculate maintenance on the remaining licenses, as well as the option to replace on-premises licenses and maintenance with a cloud subscription. This flexibility means that customers can more easily take advantage of opportunities for cost savings that are uncovered by Software License Optimization technologies.

Along with these new opportunities, there are ongoing challenges around indirect access to SAP software. One estimate puts the SAP revenue opportunity for indirect access licenses at $7 billion. So, this is obviously a key area of exposure for SAP customers.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Recent SAP software licensing policy changes
  • How license optimization strategies can uncover opportunities for cost savings
  • SAP indirect access and license optimization techniques that can reduce your liability
  • Tips for negotiating with SAP

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