$350 billion in software out there today.

Billions more in IoT coming your way.

Wasted spend. Audits. Hackers.

Finally — More Value. Less Risk.

We get it. You need to be…

Business ready. Everywhere. Faster. Informed.
In control. Unified. Connected.

Well, get ready. Because now you can be.

Be Business Ready

Business-Ready SAM

  • Gain insight into what you have, own, owe and need through hardware and software data analytics.
  • IT Operations, Finance, Procurement and IT Security can collaborate better to improve software governance.

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Drive Business-Ready SAM by Having Visibility into Key Enterprise Data

Make better business decisions on your software and hardware assets, with a clear understanding of the data. View the software and hardware you have in your environment and the license entitlements you own; see how much you owe (or don’t); and understand what you need.

Use persona based views to quickly help you understand data that’s important for your job.

  • Find areas of license compliance risk by understanding which software products are over consumed
  • Identify cost saving opportunities to reduce your subscriptions or maintenance for underused products
  • Reduce support costs and security risks by consolidating your software portfolio
  • Improve purchasing efficiency by having a centralized view of all software procurement

Achieve Better Visibility and Control of Your Software Estate

  • See the Big Picture
    See a summarized view of the software across your organization, easily highlighting areas of compliance or overspend concern
  • Focus on Key Vendors and Products
    Create a snapshot view of key publishers and/or products, enabling at-a-glance visibility into consumption, license position, and disposition
  • Standard and Custom Views
    Use role driven standard views and data summaries, and then customize them to your individual business needs

Concisely Manage Your Hardware Assets and Inventory

  • Gain Control
    Get an up-to-date view of all hardware assets and their disposition
  • Identify Problem Areas
    Highlight incomplete or conflicting data that could hinder an accurate inventory
  • Manage the Whole Lifecycle
    Understand where your devices are in the IT asset lifecycle

Analytics Custom Views – Make it Your Own

You can customize the Data Analytics view to meet your individual business needs, combining elements from multiple views and filtering by the most relevant criteria to see the data that you want to see

Be Everywhere

Everywhere SAM

  • Manage your software and hardware assets on-premises and in the cloud. Control costs. Make the most of what you already have. Maximize ROI.
  • Flexera supports your SAM journey to the Cloud.

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Manage your software, wherever and however you install or access it

The way that you access and run software is changing. From desktops and servers to virtual machines, cloud instances and Software-as-a-Service offerings, managing software in this changing environment is challenging and confusing. We help you manage that complexity. It’s what we do!

Desktops and Servers

You’ve still got most of your software on desktops and in your own datacenters. We track and manage all of that software.

  • Minimize risk of software audits by finding what you’ve installed, and automatically comparing it to what you’ve bought to get an Effective License Position
  • Reduce costs by identifying software that you’re not using and assign those licenses to others or cut maintenance or subscriptions
  • Pull from third party inventory tools or our own agents to create a single, consolidated view of your on premises software

Moving to the Cloud

With newer virtual and Cloud based options, it gets even harder to manage your software. Installing software in a public, private or hybrid Cloud instance may increase your license consumption and your costs. Easy creation of new instances may significantly increase your overall software usage. And software publishers are constantly coming up with new rules for running their software in the cloud.

  • Pull usage data from Office 365 and Salesforce.com to help you understand whether you’re getting the most effective use out of your subscription license. And review options to more efficiently match the way your users use the product with the license level they’re assigned.
  • Review options to more efficiently match the assigned user license levels with the way they use the product
  • Track your usage and compliance when you run your own software in a cloud environment. How? By collecting the inventory data and then processing the new cloud consumption rules to determine your license position

Bringing it together

You’re going to have software running on a mix of desktops, datacenters and different cloud options for a long time. We create a single consolidated view of your software position across your on-premises and cloud environment.

Be Faster

Accelerated SAM

Organizations of all sizes and software asset management maturity levels can get there faster and get more bang for their buck using our proven methods.

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Get better results faster using our proven methods

Whether it’s finding an accurate license position, getting help with an audit, improving your security posture or saving time and freeing up resources for other important projects, how can you accomplish these faster and more reliably?

Realize your goals quickly with an approach perfected over decades of real-life experience solving the very same problems you face today. Together we can succeed – and fast.

Take the guess work out of solving complex software licensing puzzles

  • Know what software is installed and where – in less than one day
  • Develop an action plan to reduce risk and identify cost savings in one week
  • Systematically eliminate gaps in data quality and business processes to improve your reporting capabilities
  • Demonstrate concrete, continuous improvement with regular project milestones

Flexera Labs now brings you cool new technology that can help you do more

Looking to expand your SAM capabilities? Find cool new technology that can help you do more. Flexera has a great team of innovators that create innovative tools to help customers solve real world problems.

Browse Flexera Labs on the Solution Exchange and find additional capabilities that enhance the value of your Flexera products.

Be Informed
Flexera AppAtlas

Flexera Software Intelligence

  • Our tools leverage a vast dataset of Flexera research and Software Intelligence to let you automate processes, cut costs and mitigate software audit and security risk.
  • Easily navigate the complexity of software licensing, compliance and application risk.

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You know where you want to go, but you’ll need help getting there.

Do you ever wonder if an application is actually installed or not? If that application is secure against hackers and other threats? Or if your software contract requires counting cores, processors, VMs, or users? Worry no more.

Flexera helps you chart the right course and navigate software and cloud optimization challenges. A comprehensive dataset of software intelligence compiled by our global software research teams helps you navigate the complexities of application risk, cost optimization, and license compliance.

Take the guesswork out of optimizing costs and minimizing IT risks

  • Know what software you use
    Find software installed in your environment – wherever it exists – and protect yourself from bugs and hacks using actionable intelligence from Secunia Research at Flexera.
  • Accurately measure all your software licenses
    Use rights ease license position pains for many vendors including Attachmate, Autodesk, Corel, IBM, McAfee, Microsoft, Oracle, RedHat, and TechSmith.
  • Easily get rid of risky unsupported software
    Now with Flexera’s new Service Life data, you can identify outdated and unsupported software. Get rid of it and you’ll reduce security risks and eliminate wasteful maintenance payments.

Flexera’s software intelligence powered by 150 Million data points…

  • More than 200,000 price list-normalized applications from more than 16,000 software vendors
  • More than 1,2 Million Stock Keeping Units (SKUs)
  • More than 22 Million open source components
  • More than 2,000 Product Use Rights Templates
  • More than 220,000 vulnerabilities and over 20,000 products being monitored… and growing!

Flexera’s software intelligence powers our Software and Cloud Optimization, and SecOps solutions.

Be In Control

Nexus Data Cloud

  • Through the Nexus data cloud we collect certified Software Intelligence from software vendors. This helps ensure the accuracy of your software asset management (SAM) reports for inventory, license compliance, budgeting, forecasting, and more.
  • Leverage the power of Flexera’s software publisher relationships, partners and other customers.

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Tear down the wall between you and your vendors

We live in a cloud, SaaS, and virtual world powered by software, a $350 Billion industry that runs every company on the planet. But the software supply chain – the network of vendors, customers, end users and intermediaries – is dysfunctional, inefficient and operates under a veil of distrust.

How much time and money do you spend managing what software you’re using and what you’ve bought? Security exploits and open source liabilities just add to the needless friction, waste, and risk inherent in the software that powers your livelihood.

In industries with mature supply chains, vendors provide data and usage management so users can focus on why they bought that product/service in the first place, not the upkeep. We are working closely with many forward thinking partners to make this a reality for software.

'Vendor Managed' SAM is a real solution with ‘FlexAware’ vendors

  • Application recognition that always finds the mark
    Never wonder if your software inventory is finding too few or too many installs when the vendor defines the recognition rules for their own software.
  • Unquestionably accurate Use Rights modeling
    Keep up-to-date on constantly evolving license models without breaking a sweat – and know that your results are 100% consistent with vendor rules.
  • Ongoing Baseline
    When understanding your license position is as easy as paying your electric bill, distractions fade away and the focus returns to creating real value from IT investments.
Be Unified

Unify Asset Management and Security Operations

  • Build a common foundation for SAM, Security and the broader IT ecosystem with normalized software inventory.
  • Drive your SAM and Software Vulnerability Management processes to focus on the apps that matter to you.

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Growing Risks to Your Business

Asset management and security operations teams all share important responsibilities to govern and secure your IT assets, but they often work from different tools and sources of asset data. With the threat of vendor audits and hackers on the rise, the risks to your business continue to grow and require a collaborative effort by all parties involved.

Working Together

Organizations that leverage software asset inventory combined with contract, licensing, and software vulnerability data can rapidly address the most critical software governance and cybersecurity threats to stay ahead of the game.

Effectively reduce the attack surface for cybercriminals, keeping the business protected from threats like ransomware, while optimizing spending, and keeping the organization safe from vendor audits.

Benefits of a Unified SAM and Security Solution

  • Use a single software asset list shared across functional areas
  • Improve decision-making – identify what you have and weigh the business risks
  • Have greater transparency of your organization’s compliance and security risk status
  • Share knowledge with all teams involved in the asset lifecycle

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Be Connected

Solution Ecosystem

  • Flexera connects you with our partners in the Solution Exchange to make it easy to find technologies that work well together.
  • Our Strategic Technology Partners let you create an IT environment that gives you greater business insight.

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IT environments are complicated. With thousands of tools available for service management, asset management, IT financial management, and security, finding the right partners and products that work together is hard and time consuming.

Solution Exchange

The Solution Exchange is the marketplace for solutions developed by Flexera partners. Connect your IT ecosystem and extend your capabilities to solve IT security and IT asset management challenges.

Flexera Technology Alliance Partners bring their expertise and technology to the Flexera platform helping you to maximize the value of existing technology investments. All partner products meet integration standards defined by Flexera before being published on the Solution Exchange.

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Strategic Partners

No one can do it alone. Together Flexera and our strategic partners are enabling customers like you to move beyond the basics. By connecting individual systems into a cohesive solution ecosystem that drives more savings, less audits, and new business value.

Connect with our Technology Alliance Partners Apptio, BMC, and ServiceNow.

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About Flexera

Flexera’s enterprise solutions allow IT Operations, Finance, Procurement and IT Security teams to collaborate to improve software governance, optimize costs for software and cloud services and mitigate security and compliance risk.

Flexera helps…

  • More than 10,000 customers save more than $1 billion per year
  • Manage over $13.6 billion of yearly software and cloud spend
  • Manage more than 550 million PCs, servers and virtual machines
  • And, mitigate security risk for more than 17,000 vulnerabilities each year