The lines between IaaS and PaaS are blurring. Cloud providers are offering dozens of individual IaaS+ services as an alternative to “all-in-one” PaaS options like OpenShift and Cloud Foundry. How do you handle cloud orchestration when you have a blend of IaaS, IaaS+, and PaaS? In this webinar, we’ll show how you can manage them all with a single pane of glass.

The Orchestrating PaaS and IaaS+ Services with RightScale on-demand webinar covers:

  • Defining IaaS, IaaS+, and PaaS
  • How to connect to any cloud service with RightScale plugins
  • Orchestrating PaaS/IaaS+ with Cloud Application Templates
  • Automating operational management of PaaS/IaaS+
  • Demo

What People Are Saying About This Webinar

"Interesting demo of PaaS capability to deploy an OpenShift cluster via RightScale."

"The use of RightScale plugins to handle complex ‘non-cloud’ resources for complex apps is valuable."

"Good to know that out-of-the-box plugins are available for Azure and Google Cloud Platform as well as AWS."

Orchestrating PaaS and IaaS+ Services

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