Part 3- Reaching the Summit

Are you ready to start saving money and driving costs out of your environment? You’ll need a reliable, experienced Sherpa to guide you through the rare air of hard dollar savings. We’ll help you push through the ROI climb and conquer the optimization mountain!

Prepare for the final push and reach the savings summit! Join this webinar to learn about:

  • Targeting the most common areas of savings
  • Implementing automation for enhanced control and future ROI
  • Leveraging your data to negotiate hard dollar savings with providers

Daniel Morrison
Solution Sales Specialist- SAM

Jim Griffin
Sr. Solution Engineer

About the Webinar Series:

Join Flexera and SoftwareONE for a three-part webinar series on Software Lifecycle Management. Our journey up the mountain will cover a variety of topics including core data management, reaching SAM compliance, and achieving SAM maturity.

Emphasizing business value and use-case examples, this webinar series is perfect for climbers that are responsible for IT budgets, mitigating risk, improving financial performance, reducing cost, maintaining datacenter and cloud assets, as well as vendor procurement.

Part 1 - Reaching Base Camp

Do you have a strong understanding of what’s in your environment from a hardware and software perspective? It all centers around having trustworthy data. Establishing clean and reliable data throughout your organization is a required first step for your climb up the mountain.

Watch Part 1

Part 2 - Navigating the Crevasses

In the first webinar of our three part series, you learned about the importance of obtaining trustworthy data. Now that you’ve done that, you can leverage technology and apply strategies to help you gain control of your assets. We’ll be your guide to help you navigate through the challenges associated with asset lifecycle management.

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Saving Hard Dollars and Achieving ROI

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