Almost every enterprise will face the challenge of multi-cloud management. A cloud management platform (CMP) can help you broker standardized cloud services with a single view across both public and private clouds, giving you control over existing cloud usage and enabling you to offer self-service provisioning across all your clouds and virtualized infrastructure.

The Multi-Cloud Management with RightScale CMP on-demand webinar features an in-depth demo that covers:

  • Realizing value from a CMP on Day 1
  • Gaining visibility over your existing cloud use
  • Understanding and controlling cloud costs
  • Using automated policies to govern cloud use
  • Provisioning with standardized templates
  • Automating and maintaining cloud infrastructure

What People Are Saying About This Webinar

"Excellent demo."

"Liked the range of automated policies available."

"The list of out-of-the-box plugins for supported cloud providers was helpful."

Multi-Cloud Management with RightScale CMP

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