While IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions such as BMC Remedy are very robust, organizations are beginning to see the value of integrating these tools with Software License Optimization tools such as FlexNet Manager Suite. This integration enhances both ITSM processes such as Incident, Performance and Change Management as well as license optimization processes. In this webinar we will discuss the integration points and the business value you can achieve with the combined ITSM and Software License Optimization solutions.

Watch the “Maximize the Power of BMC Remedy With Integrated Software License Optimization” Webinar to learn more about the integrated capabilities of these industry-leading tools, along with the associated business benefits:

  • Improve IT Service Delivery Levels
  • Increase End-user Satisfaction
  • Proactively Minimize License Compliance Risk
  • Reduce Software License Costs

With Flexera’s FlexNet Manager Suite and BMC Remedy, you can address and optimize all aspects of software and hardware asset ownership, and streamline IT operations.

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