Both AWS and Azure offer reserved instances, enabling you to receive significant discounts in exchange for making commitments to use particular instance profiles over one or three years. We’ll share the ins and outs of how AWS and Azure reserved instances work and help you lay out the best strategies for buying them.

The Mastering AWS and Azure Reserved Instances for Savings on-demand webinar provides expert advice on:

  • Ins and outs of reserved instances on AWS and Azure
  • Comparison of savings, plus pros and cons for each cloud
  • How to create a reserved instance purchase plan
  • Avoiding common pitfalls

What People Are Saying About This Webinar

"Great overview with the compare/contrast between AWS and Azure."

"Good food for thought mixed with some best practices. I captured some notes and will certainly be putting this into practice. Thanks so much."

"Knowledgeable presenter about cost savings for AWS and Azure."

Mastering AWS and Azure Reserved Instances for Savings

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