The cloud price wars are heating up with Azure’s announcement of reserved instances, the introduction of per-second billing by AWS and Google, and other recent changes from the leading cloud providers. To get the most out of your cloud spend, you need to stay on top of the latest information on price cuts and changes to pricing models. And if your organization is multi-cloud, you may even want to adjust your investment across your cloud providers based on who has the lowest prices.

The Cloud Instances Price Comparison: AWS vs Azure vs Google vs IBM on-demand webinar will cover:

  • Analysis of the latest pricing changes from cloud providers
  • Comparing reserved instances and committed use discounts for each cloud
  • Who has the lowest prices for which use cases
  • How to reduce your cloud instances spend

What People Are Saying About This Webinar

"Great content and very well-presented. Thanks for sharing the research on cloud pricing."

"An excellent session and speaker. I look forward to seeing more of this type of webinar from RightScale."

"Very insightful. A quarterly webinar like this one would be useful to help summarize what is going on in the public cloud space with regard to pricing and discounts."

Cloud Instances Price Comparison: AWS vs Azure vs Google vs IBM

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