Want to know more about open source software and how to manage it? Hear from industry experts in these free resources.


Free and Open Source Software Management Practices

Claus Peter Wiedemann – Head of FOSS Management and Application Security at Bearing Point – talks about FOSS management practices for the Legal and IT departments, which can help to prevent costly license non-compliance and security vulnerability issues.


Open Source Central: Introduction to Open Source Governance in 60 Minutes

Citing practices in the Linux Foundation’s OpenChain Specification, this webinar will provide participants with the latest industry insights and recommendations for the successful management of the use of Open Source Software in their software development processes.


Open Source Central: The Linux Foundation’s Open Chain Explained

OSS needs to be managed correctly using an ISO-type standard process to ensure you ship a safe and secure product. Shane Coughlan from the Linux Foundation on the “OpenChain” standard; key processes for a quality open source compliance program.


Was Sie aktuell über Open Source Security wissen sollten

Dr. Andreas Kotulla, ein Experte für Open-Source-Software bei Bitsea, gibt uns einen Überblick über aktuelle Sicherheitstrends und Ereignisse in der Open-Source-Welt.


Software Composition Analysis

Know what's in your code: open source security and license compliance.


Software Maturity Model

This eBook will help you identify gaps and manage your risk related to Open Source software.