As an automobile manufacturer, how are you managing the use of Open Source Software in the critical components of your vehicles? Do you have an active OSS process management strategy in place to mitigate vulnerability, security and compliance risks?

The automotive industry has one of the most complex supply chains, especially with the added emphasis on new and emerging technology embedded in today’s cars. Open source is channeled through all parts of the supply chain ecosystem. If a supplier or automotive OEM is unaware of the use of OSS in its products, it puts any manufacturer utilizing those components at risk

This eBook outlines what auto manufacturers should be concerned about related to open source risk and compliance:

  • Compliance for licenses inherent in the software and consideration of the interaction between licenses
  • Strategies to track components and the multitude of required updates across both old and new vehicles
  • Managing the pace of software releases and the volume of cars produced every year
  • Use of automated Software Composition Analysis tools to defend against potential vulnerabilities and manage attribution and compliance

Software Composition Analysis in the Automotive Industry

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