The IT industry is evolving towards unification and convergence. But IT Asset Management (ITAM), a key pillar of IT, is highly siloed from related and dependent functions. As a pivotal function, ITAM is the critical solution to meet fiscal goals while improving asset and personnel performance and mitigating risk.

The reality of today’s IT asset management is extraordinarily complex. IT data is splintered across the enterprise within numerous systems and tools spanning multiple divisions. New technology is growing at alarming rates. Data quality issues pervade the ITAM processes and related functions, making integration and sharing very difficult.

This paper explains how data-driven, Next-generation IT Asset Management best practices can help control costs and mitigate risk through a consolidated and standardized data layer that supplies the foundation for convergence and unification of IT data. Highlights include:

  • Definition of Next-Generation IT Asset Management
  • Barriers to the Next-Generation IT Asset Management vision
  • Data required by different business functions
  • Use cases for Next-Generation IT Asset Management
  • How data-driven IT Asset Management can help transform IT

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Transform IT with Data-Driven ITAM

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