Vendors conduct a software license audit to ensure customers are in compliance with license contracting terms. For software vendors, it's simple business logic: make sure customers pay for any software usage. But for the customers, providing proof that the organization is using only properly licensed software can be cumbersome and complicated.

Being prepared for a software license audit requires easy access to the purchase and deployment information necessary to demonstrate compliance with licensing contracts. But many times, once the information is compiled from disparate systems, the data is riddled with inconsistencies and gaps, leaving your company at greater risk for paying the dreaded true-up.

This paper examines the challenges of preparing for a software license audit and explains how your company can:

  • Speed up and simplify the collection, reconciliation and reporting of entitlement and deployment data
  • Potentially reduce or eliminate a true-up by having a single version of the truth of what you own and what is being used
  • Establish a reusable process for Software Asset Management (SAM)

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Three Ways to Cut the Cost and Pain of a Software License Audit

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