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January 14, 2020 is a huge day in the IT world. That's when Windows 7, which was in many ways Microsoft's most popular operating system to date, falls out of support. The migration to Windows 10 is already well underway, but it will accelerate over the coming months as organizations worldwide race to meet a deadline that is less than a year away.

In this special editorial webcast, editors and contributors lay out best practices for starting, finishing or accelerating that enterprise desktop migration.

The best practices discussion will cover:

  • Methods for scoping out where your organization stands in the Windows migration process
  • Key differences in concepts in Windows 10 compared to Windows 7, and how to avoid pitfalls hidden in those changes that cause the most problems
  • Getting applications ready for the transition
  • Top methods for managing a migration
  • Different licensing models and deployment options to consider
  • Where to get help, from Microsoft and elsewhere
  • What to do if your organization is not going to finish the migration before the deadline

Plus, exclusive new survey data from Redmond's research arm, Redmond Intelligence, detailing where organizations are with their migration plans, as well as how and when they expect to complete their moves.

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