How to make better IT choices with expanded data insight

You need context and quality in your data to remain agile enough to keep up with an evolving hybrid IT landscape. With technology data pouring in from different systems and owners across the world, you have an obligation to eliminate uncertainty in your decision-making. And the way you do that is by illuminating your IT asset data, using the right people and processes.

In the webinar “How to Succeed in 2019: Decisions, Assets, & IT”, Shannon Kalvar of IDC Research shares his vision of a modern approach to tech data management. And you’ll learn how Flexera helps you turn tech data insight into action.


Shannon Kalvar
Research Manager

Shannon Kalvar is Research Manager for IDC's IT Service Management and Client Virtualization Program, responsible for delivering research and advisory for IT executives, vendor management teams, and investment executives. Mr. Kalvar's research coverage includes IT Service Management, Desktop As A Service (DaaS), Virtual Client Computing, Cost transparency tools, Software Asset management, and the use of AI and NLP for service management.

Walker White
SVP, Products

Walker is Vice President, Data Platform. Walker was the President of BDNA from 2014 through the acquisition by Flexera in 2017, and served as CTO at BDNA for many years previously. Prior to BDNA, he had a 13-year career at Oracle, working as Chief Technologist in Oracle Service Industries.


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