You’ve received notice about a vendor audit. You probably use multiple discovery tools to assess your IT inventory. Congratulations, you have discovered everything!

But now what? Your returned data is likely 95% noise and irrelevant. You struggle to determine a definitive entitlement position. To make matters worse, the disruptive force of a vendor audit demands you respond with speed and agility.

What can you do? Take control. Get clear visibility into your IT assets to better negotiate with vendors and improve insight and transparency into your IT spend.

Are you ready to arm yourself with a more proactive approach?

Tune in with the Flexera Product Desk for a 30-minute interactive overview and demo to learn how Flexera Technopedia™ and Normalize can help curate your data and establish compliance while avoiding expensive audits. Don’t rely on vendors to tell you what you have.

During this webinar you will learn and see:

  • The common challenges of reconciling IT asset data for audits
  • How normalization can give you a cost-effective and fast approach for deflecting audits
  • How to transform normalized data into information that puts you in command

Take the first step to being in command of vendor audits. Watch it now.

Take Command of Vendor Audits with Accurate IT Data

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