The ServiceNow IT Automation Platform and its single data model aligns organizational functions around the same data. But ServiceNow’s value depends on the quality of that data. Without good data, you are likely experiencing:

  • Low confidence in reporting and analysis from multiple hardware/software configurations
  • Increased financial and operational risk from inaccurate data to drive decision making
  • Higher costs from manual reconciliation efforts

Watch the Accelerate Time to Value of your ServiceNow Investment webinar to learn how you can exponentially increase the value of your ServiceNow investment. Flexera’s certified ServiceNow integrations accelerate migration, improve ROI, and realize efficiencies by delivering clean data directly into the ServiceNow platform in completely automated workflow.

Craig Gellatly, Sr. Sales Engineer at Flexera, shows how the Flexera Data Platform:

  • consolidates data from multiple sources,
  • makes it consistent, accurate and complete,
  • enriches the data with end-of-life dates, and
  • keeps it current on an ongoing basis.

Register today to learn how you can achieve consolidated, clean, and authoritative enterprise data directly to the ServiceNow platform.

Accelerate Time to Value of your ServiceNow Investment

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