Game Changing Strategies for Implementing Windows 10

With Windows 10, Microsoft is changing the way its operating system interacts with everyone from IT professionals to end users. The company boldly promises Windows 10 will be the last operating system it releases. But that doesn’t mean Microsoft is quitting the OS business. Instead, the future plan is to provide ongoing upgrades, security updates as well as patches in a seamless way that avoids the disruption of moving to a whole new OS.

Read this Redmond Magazine GamerChanger to learn how Windows 10 will transform the way IT professionals manage and support everything from desktop PCs to tablets to Windows phones.

You will learn how Windows 10:

  • Simplifies IT tasks, including "quiet" updates to all Windows 10 machines without engaging end users in lengthy install processes.
  • Guards against hackers with Microsoft’s new Cyber Defense Operations Center (CDOC).
  • Provides advantages and challenges with Universal Applications, Microsoft’s new breed of programs.

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