Keeping up with requests for new software, updates to software (especially security updates to software) is a constant effort. While this activity mitigates some risks, the very exercise of introducing new and updated software into the enterprise brings with it operational risks of its own. The implications are significant.

To manage both security and operational risk requires employing a comprehensive, proactive risk assessment as an integral part of the Application Readiness process. Because of the complexity and dependencies of modern applications as well as their exposure to cyber-attacks, operational and security risk assessment is now essential.

Join Bob Kelly, Manager, Product Management and Mike O’Connor, Senior Solutions Engineer at Flexera and learn about the complexity and dependencies of modern applications as well as their exposure to security and operational risks.

View this on-demand webinar, which was the keynote session at a Virtual Trade Show with IT Pro Today called “Preparing for Windows 7 End of Life” and you will learn about:

The Sources of Application Risk

  • Security Risks
  • Operational Risk

The Challenges of Managing/Mitigating Application Risk

  • Automation
  • Reporting
  • Ongoing, Proactive Risk Management

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Bob Kelly
Manager of Product Management

Bob is a product management leader with a strong agile background, he began his distinguished career in IT authoring several books, papers and guides for companies like Microsoft and InstallShield as well as for major publishers like Wiley.

Bob has been in the Application Readiness space for decades as a Microsoft MVP, speaker, and founder of related communities such as AppDeploy, ITNinja and AppDetails.

Mike O’Connor
Senior Solutions Engineer

Mike is a subject matter expert on Software Vulnerability Management & Application Readiness. Mike has over 14 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies and is a frequent speaker on the topics of Windows Migration, MSI and App-V Packaging, and App Stores.

A Proactive, Automated Approach to Application Risk Management

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